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Beach Parking Permit and Lifeguard Information

Permits are required from June 15th to Labor Day each year from 8 am-5 pm for Gil Boucher Park (Biddeford Pool), Fortunes Rocks and Middle Beach.

Passes are not required for Rotary Park Beach.

1,3 and 7 day Non-Resident Permits must be purchased at Kiosk located at Fortunes Rocks, Middle Beach and Gil Boucher Park (Biddeford Pool). 3 and 7 Day Permits are valid in consecutive days only, and are not transferable from one vehicle to another.

Seasonal Resident Permits must be purchased through the City Clerks Office located at 205 Main Street. 

Non-Resident Seasonal Pass Purchases; Must be purchased online through the city’s website (, go to “How Do I,”  then select “Parking Tickets,” and then from there you click the green icon “Pay for Parking Permit Online.”  .

Non-resident permits have restricted hours at Gil Boucher Park (lower lot) and Middle Beach (noon-5 pm).

Biddeford Beach Permits

Resident beach permits are as follows:

$28.00  for the first vehicle, $15.00 per additional vehicle registered at the same address.
$15.00 for residents 65 and older.

beach permits are as follows:

  • Season permit: $153.00
  • 7-Day permit:  $79.00
  • 3-Day permit:  $46.00
  • 1-Day permit: $22.00
Lifeguards are on duty Mid June through Labor Day - at Gilbert R. Boucher Park, Middle Beach, Fortunes Rocks and Rotary Park.